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CCCA_V5No4_ToC-FIN_CCCA_V1No2_ToC-V1.qxd 11/21/11 11:03 AM Page 3 CANADIAN CORPORATE CCCA COUNSEL ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE magazine DES CONSEILLERS (ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES CCCA IS A CBA CONFERENCE L’ACCJE EST UNE Table of Contents Leading Corporate Counsel • Le conseiller juridique d’entreprise – Droit devant CONFÉRENCE DE L’ABC WINTER 2011 HIVER Volume 5, No. 4 5 From the Editor Keeping things in perspective when the pressure’s on. 7 From the Chair It’s all about communication. 39 Deals & Developments A look at some of the deals, acquisitions and financings that took place over the last several months. 45 CCCA News Meet CCCA’s 2011-2012 Executive and Editorial Boards. Results of the 2011 member survey. Upcoming events. Features 16 16 Anti-bribery laws: Keeping your company out of trouble Companies reassess their anti- corruption policies and procedures in the wake of an international crackdown on bribery. By Pablo Fuchs Cover photography by Alena Gedeonova 24 How to help sales and marketing meet goals without jeopardizing the company Strategies for collaborating with your sales and marketing team which produce profitable — and compliant — business results. By Susan Goldberg 32 Privilege Fight Club Two experts weigh in on the issue of solicitor-client privilege for 24 corporations and non-lawyer professionals. Departments 9 Performance in the Law Department Managing the case, the cost and external counsel during complex litigation. By Richard G. Stock 15 Privacy 32 Experts offer top tips on handling privacy breaches. By Bev Cline 12 Profile: James McLandress General counsel to the Canadian Wheat Board, McLandress keeps his calm — and his sense of humour — as the battle to save the board heats up. By Brad Mackay Legal Update 50 True policy decisions at the SCC When may a governmental agency be sued for negligence? By Brendan Brammall 12 HIVER 2011 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association 3
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