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CCCA_V6No2_ToC-FIN_CCCA_V1No2_ToC-V1.qxd 5/23/12 9:43 PM Page 3 CANADIAN CORPORATE CCCA COUNSEL ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE magazine DES CONSEILLERS (ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES CCCA IS A CBA CONFERENCE L’ACCJE EST UNE Table of Contents Leading Corporate Counsel • Le conseiller juridique d’entreprise – Droit devant CONFÉRENCE DE L’ABC SUMMER 2012 ÉTÉ Volume 6, No. 2 5 From the Editor The importance of taking the time to think in a hurry-up world. 7 From the Chair As the profile of the in-house bar grows, new pressures add to challenges. 48 CCCA News Barometer survey, CCCA World Summit & National Spring Conference, RVA Jones award winner Robert Patzelt. Features 26 Q&A with Trevor Faure The Global General Counsel of Ernst & Young Global believes business methodologies can teach in-house law departments a lot about efficiency and staying competitive. A conversation about The Smarter Legal Model. By Beverley Spencer Cover photography by Pierre Charbonneau 30 Doing Business in the EU There are enormous business opportunities in the EU. 26 Just don’t forget to do your homework first. By Pablo Fuchs 38 Q&A with Lucien Bouchard The former Quebec Premier discusses his legal career, the future of the legal profession and current affairs. By Yves Faguy Departments 9 Performance in the Law Department Measuring the 2012 Barometer Survey. By Richard G. Stock 12 Intellectual Property Access to information: How to protect your company’s valuable proprietary 30 information from prying eyes. By Noel Courage 14 Business Immigration Intra-company transfers for multinational companies: New challenges for specialized knowledge workers. By R. Reis Pagtakhan 16 Legislative Update Canada’s anti-spam law: Filtering relationships. By Yves Faguy 19 Career Development Moving up: New demands on in-house counsel bring opportunities for career growth. By Bev Cline 38 22 Profile: Gail Harding Gail Harding initially chose teaching over commerce because she was worried about her math skills. Now she’s found success as GC to a bank. By Michael Dempster 44 Deals & Developments A look at some of the deals, acquisitions and financings that took place over the last several months. By Gina Fusco Legal Update 52 Jones v. Tsige Avoiding vicarious liability under the “new” tort of breach of privacy. By Erica J. Baron 54 Inside Edge Why diversity in the workplace is more than just a numbers game. By Anne Giardini 22 ÉTÉ 2012 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association 3
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