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CCCA_V2No3_ToC-FIN.qxd:CCCA_V1No2_ToC-V1.qxd 9/18/08 4:45 PM Page 4 CCCA CANADIAN CORPORATE Table of Contents COUNSEL ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE magazine DES CONSEILLERS (ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES A CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION AFFILIATE AFFILIÉE À L’ASSOCIATION DU Leading Corporate Counsel • Le conseiller juridique d’entreprise – Droit devant BARREAU CANADIEN FALL 2008 AUTOMNE Volume 2, No. 3 6 From the Editor: Lawyer Retention 101 Three easy steps to making sure you retain the lawyers you want. 8 From the President: Return on investment The benefits of CCCA participation far outweigh the commitments. 10 From the Executive Director: A membership milestone The CCCA marks its 20th year with its 10,000th member. 51 CCCA News: Report from the 20th annual meeting, held in Québec City. Plus, an update on CCCA’s Pilot Mentoring Program. Features 16 A question of privilege: Here’s the latest on privilege for corporate counsel, including insights on how to keep it — and how to lose it. By Susan Goldberg 16 24 Knowledge management: How legal departments can save time and money by harvesting the vast amounts of knowledge in their organizations. By Ann Macaulay 30 Where the grass is greener: Law firm or corporate counsel? Six lawyers explain why they relocated, and what happened when they did. By Julie Stauffer 39 A breach of trust: How to prevent or minimize the fallout from a privacy breach on your market, your reputation, and your liability. By Patti Ryan Departments 24 11 Performance in the Law Department: Workloads or workflows? Which is the greater challenge in the legal department? By Richard G. Stock 13 Cross Border: Decoding the dragon What Canadian companies need to know about doing business in China. By Alison Arnot 14 In-House Technology: Streamlining your invoices Electronic billing is growing more and more popular with in-house lawyers. By Alison Arnot 48 Profile: Marcia Decter 30 Chevron Canada’s vice-president, land, negotiations, and legal and general counsel, on the rewards of working in the dynamic oil patch By Bev Cline Columns 45 Corporate Law: Privacy, please! Serious privacy lapses signal the need for a data breach notification law. 46 Litigation: The price of mistaken identity Proceed with caution when investigating employee criminality. 47 Labour & Employment Law: The limits of accommodation Undue hardship does not mean you have to do the impossible. COVER: MARK STEGAL 54 Closing the Deal: A time for inspiration Five questions to ask yourself about personal leadership skills. 48 4 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association FALL 2008
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