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CCCA_V2No3_PresMessage-FIN.qxd:CCCA_V1No2_PresMessage-V1.qxd 9/18/08 4:49 PM Page 8 From The President Mot de la Présidente Return on Adhérer à investment l’ACCJE : The benefits of CCCA participation far Les avantages l’emportent outweigh the commitments. haut la main. Par Leanne Andree By Leanne Andree t is my privilege to serve as president of the Canadian Corporate Counsel ’ai le privilège de vous servir à titre de Association this year. This role provides me with the honour of working with a Jprésident de l’Association canadienne Igreat staff whose vision, hard work and tireless dedication to the CCCA has result- des conseilles et conseillères juridiques ed in unprecedented growth and success for our organization. d’entreprises (ACCJE). J’ai aussi le privilège I also have the privilege of working with a board of directors who bring an incred- de travailler avec un personnel et un bureau ible degree of business acumen and experience from their varied roles within their d’administration exceptionnels – des col- own corporate lives. Together, this creates an unbeatable combination, and I’m excit- lègues expérimentés, engagés et infatigables. ed and very humbled to be a part of this. Le succès et la croissance sans précédent de I’ve been asked why I’ve committed so much volunteer time to the CCCA over my notre organisation en témoignent. career, especially when I’m already a busy professional, a mother of three, and the spouse On me demande parfois pourquoi je of a lawyer (some or all of which must sound familiar to many of you). The answer is consacre tant de temps et d’efforts à easy. Although I’ve dedicated many volunteer hours over the years to the CCCA, I’ve l’ACCJE, quand j’ai déjà beaucoup de received far more than I have given. boulot en plus d’être mère de trois enfants It’s only as a result of my involvement with the CCCA that I have the opportunity et l’épouse d’un avocat. Je réponds sans to share ideas and learn from leaders in our profession. And it’s only as a result of my hésiter : j’ai reçu bien plus que je n’ai involvement with the CCCA that I have the ability to easily access any number of col- donné. J’ai pu échanger des idées, et leagues from any number of industries to seek advice on business or legal issues. The apprendre, de leaders dans la profession. J’ai CCCA provides me the important opportunity to be both a mentor and a mentee. pu bénéficier des conseils de collègues dans Each conference I attend gives me a chance to step back from my day-to-day work plusieurs industries. J’ai aussi été mentor… life and look at how others have succeeded, the lessons they’ve learned, and the issues et mentoré. they’ve faced. This is a tough profession: our employers expect excellence, and we expect À toutes les conférences de l’ACCJE, excellence of ourselves. We’re all striving for perfection, both professionally and person- j’apprends des autres, de leurs succès, de ally, and to find the right balance. leurs enseignements, des défis qu’ils ont My life is made infinitely easier through the ability to share ideas and network with relevés. Je poursuis, comme nous tous, ma colleagues, to learn from those with more experience than I have, and to set an exam- quête d’excellence et d’équilibre entre tra- ple and be available for those newer to the profession or the in-house bar than I am. vail et vie personnelle. Je suis meilleure I’m a better lawyer and a better businessperson as a result of my involvement with the avocate à cause de mon engagement au CCCA. That’s why the CCCA is important to me, and why it’s my privilege to serve sein de l’ACCJE. Voilà pourquoi je lui as your president for 2008-2009. accorde tant d’importance. Send your comments to Commentaires? An affilate of / Affiliée à ROGERS PUBLISHING LTD. Subscription enquiries should be addressed to/ Business & Professional Publishing Pour les questions concernant l’abonnement, Senior Vice-President veuillez communiquer avec : John Milne Debbie Walsh — CCCA/ACCJE Business & Professional Publishing Vice-President One Mount Pleasant Road, 12th Floor CANADIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL ASSOCIATION Executive Editor/Rédacteur exécutif ISSN No. 1913-0562, Paul Williams Toronto, ON, M4Y 2Y5. Jordan Furlong: Publications Mail Agreement HEALTHCARE & FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP L’ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DES Our environmental policy is available at: CONSEILLERS(ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES Managing Editor/Rédactrice administrative No. 40070230. Return Publisher Jim Farley (416) 764-3910 300-20 Toronto Street, Bev Cline: Undeliverable Canadian environmental.htm Toronto, ON, M5C 2B8 Senior Editor/Rédacteur principal Addresses to: Vous pouvez consulter notre politique de Tel.: (416) 869-0522 Fax: (416) 869-0946 Yves Faguy: Circulation Dept., One Mount Account Executive l’environnement à : e-mail: Pleasant Rd, 7th flr. Toronto, ON, Stefanie MacDonald (416) 764-3911 Art Director/Directeur artistique M4Y 2Y5 environmental.htm Tony Delitala: Production Manager This magazine is printed with vegetable inks and Executive Director/Directrice exécutive Designer/Conceptrice graphique Kenny Auyoung (416) 764-3919 is 100% recyclable where facilities exist. Silvie Kuppek: Rozalynd Taylor-Platt: Recyclable là où le service est offert. 8 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association FALL 2008
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