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CCCA_V4No1_ToC-FIN.qxd:CCCA_V1No2_ToC-V1.qxd 2/3/10 11:11 AM Page 3 CCCA CANADIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE magazine DES CONSEILLERS (ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES A CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION AFFILIATE AFFILIÉE À L’ASSOCIATION DU Table of Table of Contents Leading Corporate Counsel • Le conseiller juridique d’entreprise – Droit devant BARREAU CANADIEN SPRING 2010 PRINTEMPS Volume 4, No. 1 5 From the Editor: A short history of evolution CCCA Magazine builds on its success. 7 From the President: What’s on your mind? CCCA’s In-House Counsel Barometer wants to know. 9 From the Executive Director: Come together Mark your calendars for the annual CCCA Spring Conference and second World Summit. 39 Deals & Developments A look at some of the deals, acquisitions and financings that took place over the last several months. 44 CCCA News: The 2010 CCCA National Spring Conference and Pre- Conference Spring Training Camp. Features 18 18 In-house secondments: The Inside edge How to bridge the knowledge gap and build relationships in-house. By Michael Rappaport Cover photography by Paul Eekhoff 26 Alternative billing arrangements: The Gowlings-Cisco experience. By Michael Rappaport 32 The Reinvented Corporate Secretary: Tact, diplomacy and a hand on the tiller. By Beverley Spencer 26 Departments 10 Performance in the Law Department Shaping strategy and metrics for the legal department. By Richard G. Stock 12 Technology Cloud computing: New security challenges in the digital world. By Pablo Fuchs 14 Corporate Law 32 A new era of corporate law in Quebec. By Maxime Cloutier 16 Profile: Claude Bergeron A steady hand in turbulent times. ByYves Faguy 46 Closing the Deal Your role as in-house counsel is to deliver the good news as well as the bad. By Daniel Desjardins Legal Updates 37 A discriminatory system of procurement review Foreign bidders on federal governments lose AIT protections. 38 Securities Law A new regulatory approach to shareholders rights plans? 16 PRINTEMPS 2010 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association 3
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