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CCCA_V4No2_ToC-FIN.qxd:CCCA_V1No2_ToC-V1.qxd 4/29/10 3:35 PM Page 3 CCCA CANADIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE magazine DES CONSEILLERS (ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES A CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION AFFILIATE AFFILIÉE À L’ASSOCIATION DU Table of Table of Contents Leading Corporate Counsel • Le conseiller juridique d’entreprise – Droit devant BARREAU CANADIEN SUMMER 2010 ÉTÉ Volume 4, No. 2 5 From the Editor: The certainty of change Why the profession is ready to meet the challenges ahead. 7 From the President: Ready for their close-up The 2010 CCCA In-House Counsel Barometer shines a spotlight on members. 9 From the Executive Director: Transcending borders What’s in store for CCCA members. 42 Deals & Developments A look at some of the deals, acquisitions and financings that took place over the last several months. 47 CCCA News: The CCCA National Spring Conference Features 18 18 Better service by design Innovative law firms are knee-deep in project management. In-house counsel are paying attention. By Michael Rappaport Cover photography by Paul Eekhoff 26 Danger: Lawyer on board A recently certified class action has implications for lawyers who serve on boards. By Michael Rappaport 32 Defending securities class actions: Eight practice points to safeguard your organization. By Bev Cline 26 Departments 10 Performance in the Law Department Changing the business model for legal services. By Richard G. Stock 12 Technology Smart security tips for smartphones. By Luigi Benetton 14 Employment Law A new workplace violence and harassment law places a heavier burden on 32 Ontario employers to address bullying at work. By Daniel Lublin 16 Profile: Shawn E. Christensen WestJet’s vice-president of legal services has both feet on the ground. By Susan Goldberg 50 Closing the Deal How in-house counsel can help organizations prepare for the IFRS transition By Daniel Desjardins Legal Updates 38 Fair wars: The Tercon decision and the future of procurement law. 40 Does your company need a climate change check-up? 16 ÉTÉ 2010 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association 3
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