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CCCA_V6No3_EditMessage-FIN_CCCA_V1No2_EditMessage-V1.qxd 9/19/12 10:25 AM Page 5 Mot de la rédactrice exécutive From the Editor Change management Gestion du Why it’s not your imagination that the world is changement changing fast. Le monde change vraiment rapidement. By Beverley Spencer Par Beverley Spencer nRamp Systems CEO Paul Lippe had a question for his luncheon audience ombien d’entre vous pensent, comme le vision- Oat the Canadian Legal Conference in Vancouver this summer. “How many Cnaire Richard Susskind, que le droit est dans une folks think [legal futurist] Richard Susskind is right — that law is in a period of période accélérée de changement axé sur la technolo- accelerating, technology-driven change? And how many think, ‘We’ve been hear- gie » ? Combien estiment qu’« on en entend parler ing this for a long time and nothing has changed?’” depuis longtemps et que rien n’a changé »? Le chef de A show of hands revealed that a full quarter of the room believed that despite la direction d’OnRamp Systems, Paul Lippe, a posé all the talk, nothing has really changed. By the end of his presentation, 90 per cent ces questions cet été au cours d’un déjeuner lors de la agreed that change was indeed under way. Conférence juridique canadienne à Vancouver. Change is like that. The effects can be imperceptible until — like the frog sitting Estimant que rien n’avait vraiment changé, des in a pan of water on the stove — we realize that we’re being slowly boiled alive. participants ont levé la main. En fin de présentation You’ll read a lot about change in this issue. Paul Lippe talks about one profound 90 % ont constaté que le changement était bien change occurring in the business of law: what he calls the “normalization” of law en cours. — that it will be viewed like other goods and services purchased by individuals Le propre du changement? Ses effets peuvent être and corporations with the expectation that they will be measurable, easy to use imperceptibles jusqu’à la réalisation du contraire. and always improving. This idea that the legal profession doesn’t exist independ- Vous lirez beaucoup sur le changement dans ce ently from the commercial context is a radical departure from the traditional cul- numéro. Paul Lippe aborde un changement en pro- ture of law. The evidence is mounting, however that we’re well along that road. fondeur qu’il qualifie de « normalisation » des servi- (For more, see our interview with Paul Lippe on page 34.) ces juridiques orientés sur des considérations com- Of course, in-house counsel aren’t immune to these changes. Technology is chang- merciales, le client et l'amélioration continue. ing how we collaborate with law firms, our clients and each other. Underpinning all Les conseillers juridiques ne sont pas à l’abri de ces of this is a fundamental shift in the scope of in-house work: As our new chair Grant changements. La technologie modifie notre manière Borbridge points out, organizations expect their legal departments to deliver increas- de collaborer avec les cabinets, clients et pairs. Un ingly sophisticated services on matters of strategic importance. changement fondamental de la charge de travail a In-house counsel are taking their place at the executive table, a development that également lieu : les organisations s’attendent à ce que is attracting a whole new generation to the profession. Consider Jordan Ingster, one leurs départements juridiques offrent des services of our interview subjects for our feature on the new face of in-house counsel. Now plus sophistiqués sur des questions d’importance in his third year as legal counsel with Loblaw Companies Ltd., he was attracted to stratégique, comme le souligne notre nouveau prési- the in-house world because of the potential to be a valued member of manage- dent Grant Borbridge. ment and a trusted adviser. It’s a far cry from the old world where in-house coun- Le monde a bien changé depuis la formation de sel primarily pushed paper. l’ACCJE il y a 25 ans. Encore plus de changements The world has changed in the 25 years since the CCCA was formed. We can sont attendus au cours des prochaines années. Nos count on even more change in the years ahead. And our members can count on membres peuvent compter sur notre soutien et notre the support and leadership of their association to navigate the times ahead. leadership pour faire face à l’avenir. Send your comments to Commentaires? A conference of / Une conférence de ROGERS PUBLISHING LTD. Subscription enquiries should be addressed to/ Executive Publisher Pour les questions concernant l’abonnement, Financial Services Group veuillez communiquer avec : Garth Thomas Audience Development — CCCA/ACCJE One Mount Pleasant Road, 7th Floor Toronto, ON, M4Y 2Y5. CANADIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL ASSOCIATION Executive Editor/Rédactrice exécutive ISSN No. 1913-0562, HEALTHCARE & FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Beverley Spencer: Publications Mail Agreement L’ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DES Publisher Our environmental policy is available at: CONSEILLERS(ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES Senior Editor/Rédacteur principal No. 40070230. Return Shannon Ross (416) 764-3911 410-20 Toronto Street, Yves Faguy: Undeliverable Canadian environmental.htm Toronto, ON, M5C 2B8 Associate Editor/Rédactrice associé Addresses to: Production Manager Vous pouvez consulter notre politique de l’environ- Tel.: (416) 869-0522 Fax: (416) 869-0946 Katya Hodge : Circulation Dept., One Mount Karen Richards (416) 764-1688 nement à : e-mail: Art Director/Directeur artistique Pleasant Rd, 7th flr. Toronto, ON, Tony Delitala: M4Y 2Y5 environmental.htm This magazine is printed with vegetable inks and Chair/Président Designer/Conceptrice graphique is 100% recyclable where facilities exist. Grant Borbridge Rozalynd Taylor-Platt: Recyclable là où le service est offert. AUTOMNE 2012 CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association 5
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