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Yves Fortier Robert P. Armstrong Tomas Heintzman Exceptional Graeme Mew Louise Barrington arbitrators. Larry Banack Exceptional facilities. John Judge Joseph R. Nuss Earl Cherniak At Arbitration Place we bring together a roster Ian Binnie of distinguished, independent arbitrators, state-of-the-art hearing facilities and superb support services under one very elegant roof. Our arbitrators are high-profle former judges, leading counsel and renowned legal scholars. Coulter Osborne Te breadth of their collective experience Dennis O’Connor is impressive, encompassing commercial, Barry Leon construction, intellectual property, fnancial Stan Fisher services, insurance, energy and natural resources, technology and sports disputes. With ASAP Reporting Services resident on site, 24/7 technical support and a dedicated concierge team, there is no place better to hold your arbitrations, discoveries or other Harry Radomski examinations. At Arbitration Place, all- encompassing service is a mindset. It doesn’t John Lorn McDougall cost more. Janet Walker An all-encompassing approach AP_FullPage_4C_CCCA_Magazine-051413.indd 1 13-05-14 4:32 PM
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