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{ HEADER TITLE GOES HERE } CCCA IN THIS ISSUE… MAGAZINE O SPRING 2014 PRINTEMPS | VOL 8, N . 1 is published quarterly by FEATURES 20 Managing Your Privacy Risk CANADIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL ASSOCIATION L’ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DES In only a decade, privacy issues have gone from an afterthought to a top priority. CONSEILLERS(ÈRES) JURIDIQUES D’ENTREPRISES In-house counsel must learn how to strike the right balance between business needs 1210 – 20 Toronto Street and individual rights. By Pablo Fuchs Toronto, ON M5C 2B8 Tel: 416-869-0522 Fax: 416-869-0946 28 Results of the CCCA Member Survey Email: You provided your feedback on the value you get from your CCCA membership and CCCA CHAIR / PRÉSIDENTE DE L’ACCJE where we can improve. Heather Innes: MANAGING EDITOR / RÉDACTRICE EN CHEF Lynne Yryku: 34 Cloud Computing: A Privacy FAQ ASSOCIATE EDITOR / RÉDACTRICE ASSOCIÉE As organizations turn to cloud computing services, ensuring compliance with Karen Sadler: legislation and reducing privacy risks are key. By David Fraser DESIGN / CONCEPTION ARTISTIQUE Hume Media Inc. 2014 EDITORIAL BOARD Jim Rossiter (Chair/Président) Leila Gosselin COLUMNS DEPARTMENTS Sébastien Guénette Simon Kupi Julia Shin Doi 5 From the Editor CCCA Magazine 8 Performance in the Law Department ISSN No. 1913-0562, refreshes its look and welcomes In-house counsel must demonstrate Publications Mail Agreement a new editor. their value-added contributions to their No. 40070230. organizations. By Richard G. Stock Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Circulation Dept., One Mount Pleasant Rd, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON M4Y 2Y5 7 From the Chair Increasingly more 10 Legal Marketplace How in-house in-house counsel are playing on an counsel can assess the value being international stage. received for the money spent on legal services. By Milan Seres ROGERS PUBLISHING LTD. SENIOR EXECUTIVE PUBLISHER 16 Profle: Dean Dolan Working as Wal-Mart FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Canada’s vice-president, associate 13 Environmental Law What in-house Garth Thomas counsel need to know about no-fault general counsel and privacy offcer HEALTHCARE & FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP keeps security top of mind at both work liability for environmental contamination PUBLISHER and home. By Michael Dempster to protect their Boards. By Dianne Saxe Stefanie MacDonald: 50 Inside Edge We can all contribute to the PRODUCTION MANAGER 38 Spotlight On… In-House Counsel future of the legal profession through Karen Richards: Education Pre-call, post-call and the new Law Practice Program. Subscription enquiries should be addressed to/ executive learning ensures personal By Julia Shin Doi Pour les questions concernant l’abonnement, and professional growth. veuillez communiquer avec : LEGAL UPDATE Audience Development — CCCA/ACCJE One Mount Pleasant Road, 7th Floor Toronto, ON M4Y 2Y5 43 CCCA News New CCCA Chair Heather 48 The Impact of the Indirect Purchaser Innes, CCCA’s National Conference in Our environmental policy is available at: Trilogy Direct and indirect purchasers Calgary, the In-House Counsel World may bring actions, together or environmental_policy.shtml Summit in Singapore, and CCCA’s separately, against alleged overchargers. Vous pouvez consulter notre politique de Mentoring Program. l’environnement à : By Sarah Corman and Shaun Finn propos_nous/politique_environnement.shtml This magazine is printed with vegetable inks and is 100% recyclable where facilities exist. Recyclable là où le service est offert. CANADIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL ASSOCIATION | CCCA-ACCJE.ORG 3
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