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P. 4 BLAKES MEANS BUSINESS. Blakes • n. [bleyks] (Cdn. - est. 1856) 1. Business-focused advisers who help clients seize opportunities and manage risks 2. Strategic lawyers who work with multi-disciplinary teams to cultivate creative thinking 3. Colleagues who value diversity of thought and foster inclusion 4. Corporate citizens who are engaged in the communities where they live and work 5. Counsel to some of the world’s most successful and emerging business enterprises: In the [Chambers Global] ŀrm rankings, Blakes was as close to perfect as a national ŀrm can get. – (Ļe Financial Post, 2012) MONTRÉAL OTTAWA TORONTO CALGARY VANCOUVER NEW YORK CHICAGO LONDON BAHRAIN AL-KHOBAR* BEIJING SHANGHAI* *Associated Office Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP |
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