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{ Header title goes Here } ccca In thIs Issue… magazIne WInter 2014 hIver | vol 8, n . 4 o is published quarterly by Features 20 information governance: a strategy, Not a solution canadIan corporate counsel assocIatIon the role of gC has grown dramatically in business importance—bringing increased l’assocIatIon canadIenne des pressure to think about information management strategically. information governance conseIllers(Ères) JurIdIQues d’entreprIses provides a set of preventive techniques that will ensure gCs and their organizations 1210 – 20 toronto Street are prepared. By Julie Sobowale toronto, ON M5c 2b8 tel: 416-869-0522 Fax: 416-869-0946 26 Kickstarting innovation in the legal department Email: Keeping up to date on technology and understanding how to use it is an increasingly necessary ccca chaIR / PRéSIDENtE DE l’accJE skill set for in-house counsel. By embracing technology, you can create more effcient heather Innes: processes for your legal department and improve the services you provide. By Pablo Fuchs BLAKES MEANS BUSINESS. MaNaGING EDItOR / RéDactRIcE EN chEF lynne Yryku: aSSOcIatE EDItOR / RéDactRIcE aSSOcIéE 34 diversity in-House: raising the Bar Karen Sadler: diversity simply makes good business sense. in a globalized marketplace, a legal DESIGN / cONcEPtION aRtIStIQuE department with counsel who are familiar with other cultures and can provide a range hume Media Inc. of ideas and experiences is a key competitive asset. By Jim Middlemiss Blakes • n. [bleyks] (Cdn. - est. 1856) 2014 EDItORIal bOaRD Jim Rossiter (chair/Président) columns departments 1. Business-focused advisers who help clients seize opportunities and manage risks leila Gosselin Sébastien Guénette Simon Kupi 4 From the editor in-house counsel are 6 Performance in the law department 2. Commercially focused and efcient lawyers who consistently deliver a high level of service increasingly taking the reins when it Measuring engagement, especially in the ISSN No. 1913-0562, 3. Counsel to some of Canada’s most successful and emerging business enterprises: Publications Mail agreement comes to technology. legal department, is an important exercise No. 40070230. to retain your top talent. By Richard Stock “[Blakes lawyers] provide excellent legal advice and are very business savvy.” Return undeliverable canadian addresses to: 5 From the Chair the CCCa’s 2014-15 circulation Dept., One Mount Pleasant Rd, strategic objectives will help you maximize 9 Contract Management Contract- (Client quote from Acritas’ Canadian Law Firm Index 2014, naming Blakes the Number One 7th Floor, toronto, ON M4Y 2Y5 personal and professional growth. management systems offer in-house counsel more control to be able to identify Firm in Canada) 10 Profle: Fred Headon He is a leading potential compliance problems ahead of voice in the push for changes to the time and streamline drafting. legal profession. He represents corporate rogers puBlIshIng ltd. counsel with passion and integrity. and he 16 legal Marketplace new technology and SENIOR ExEcutIvE PublIShER is one of the most interesting people you alternative approaches are changing the FINaNcIal SERvIcES GROuP could meet. By Michael Dempster provision of legal service. How are your Garth thomas current providers responding? healthcare & FInancIal servIces group 40 spotlight on… social Media in the Workplace For most employers, social 18 diversity the 1993 CBa touchstones report PublIShER Stefanie MacDonald: media use by employees is a given. With shook the legal profession by highlighting this new reality, there are questions and the many issues facing women lawyers. issues that every organization should However, equality in the legal profession PRODuctION MaNaGER proactively address to reduce the risk continues to be an issue. What more needs Karen Richards: online communications can pose. to be done? By Cathy Cummings Subscription enquiries should be addressed to/ By Karen Sadler Pour les questions concernant l’abonnement, veuillez communiquer avec : 46 inside edge the director of legal services 43 CCCa News new CCCa interim executive at Keg restaurants uses technology to audience Development — ccca/accJE director and the CCCa national improve processes and manage risk One Mount Pleasant Road, 7th Floor Conference next april. while engaging employees throughout the toronto, ON M4Y 2Y5 organization. By Catherine Chow Our environmental policy is available at: legal update environmental_policy.shtml vous pouvez consulter notre politique de 15 Controlling e-discovery Costs and l’environnement à : data security By adopting information propos_nous/politique_environnement.shtml governance strategies, organizations can this magazine is printed with vegetable inks better manage costs and protect their data. MONTRÉAL OTTAWA TORONTO CALGARY VANCOUVER NEW YORK LONDON BAHRAIN AL-KHOBAR* BEIJING SHANGHAI* and is 100% recyclable where facilities exist. By Marlon Hylton *Associated Office Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP | Recyclable là où le service est offert. Canadian Corporate Counsel assoCiation | 3
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