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Relax. The highest rated legal matter management, e-billing and performance analytics system is also the easiest to implement and use. Serengeti takes the paperwork, guesswork and a lot of hard work Serengeti gives you instant access to essential information like overages, out of your life by putting your entire billing, budgeting and reporting exposures, rates and outside counsel expenditures, while our support system online. No complicated software to buy or learn. No upkeep, no teams ensure you maximize the benefts to your bottom line. Used by IT involvement and no surprises. Just one smart, streamlined system to 18,000 in-house counsel and 21,000 law offces worldwide, Serengeti help you organize, analyze and utilize data like never before. Serengeti provides invaluable insights into the world’s largest legal index. Just helps free up your time, and you can be up and running in no time. one more way Thomson Reuters gives you knowledge to act. To learn more, call 1-888-736-9587 or visit
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