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{ Header title goes Here } ccca In thIs Issue… magazIne sprIng 2015 prIntemps | Vol 9, n . 1 o is published quarterly by Features 16 spotting issues early: tips for avoiding land Mines and time Bombs in-house counsel must act as both legal advisors and strategic business partners. canadIan corporate counsel assocIatIon However, it can be challenging to stay abreast of everything that is happening—especially l’assocIatIon canadIenne des in large, multinational companies. Find out how top in-house lawyers stay ahead by conseIllers(Ères) JurIdIQues d’entreprIses networking, predicting and acting decisively. By Jim Middlemiss 1210 – 20 Toronto Street Toronto, ON M5C 2B8 Tel: 416-869-0522 24 From lawyer to leader: Challenges and solutions Email: personality traits that make you a good lawyer may be hindering your capacity as a leader. CCCA ChAIr / PréSIdENTE dE L’ACCJE Find out where you can improve in order to become a more effective leader within your heather Innes: department and organization. By Julie Sobowale MANAgINg EdITOr / rédACTrICE EN ChEf Lynne Yryku: ASSOCIATE EdITOr / rédACTrICE ASSOCIéE 30 Her Path to the top: in Conversation with Monique Mercier Karen Sadler: in this frst of a series of articles on top women in-house counsel, Monique Mercier of telus shares her success story, the role of mentors and how others can follow in her footsteps. dESIgN / CONCEPTION ArTISTIQUE Relax. EdITOrIAL BOArd 5 From the editor leaders focus on the 8 Performance in the law department hume Media Inc. By Kirby Chown and Carrie Mandel Jim rossiter (Chair/Président) Leila gosselin columns departments Sébastien guénette Wendy King Simon Kupi ISSN No. 1913-0562 Publications Mail Agreement No. 42929530 their priorities and practices to meet they cultivate. return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: current business and economic realities. Canadian Corporate Counsel Association quality of their work and the relationships legal leaders must continuously adjust Critical success factors can help. 1210 – 20 Toronto Street 7 From the Chair in-house counsel can Toronto, ON M5C 2B8 drive change by ensuring we continue to By Richard G. Stock The highest rated legal matter management, contirbute and collaborate. 13 Career Management Mentoring is more e-billing and performance analytics system is All rights reserved. Contents may not be 10 Profle: Jennifer Jones jennifer jones, than the transfer of advice, knowledge and insights. the relationship offers reciprocal in-house counsel and one of the most also the easiest to implement and use. reprinted without permission. The opinions successful skips in Canadian curling, benefts for mentors willing to invest their expressed in articles are not necessarily those of the publisher. Information presented is not shares her winning strategy. time in developing another professional. legal advice and should not be relied upon as a By Michael Dempster By Karen Sadler substitute for review of your specifc situation with legal counsel. Every effort has been made 36 spotlight on… Mondaq advice Centres 14 strategic Management in-house and to provide accurate information; however, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors Mondaq advice Centres, a new beneft of external counsel must work together to or omissions. membership, provide comprehensive legal ensure the integrity of the profession. information and expertise from market- By Ronit Dinovitzer, Hugh P. Gunz and Tous droits réservés. Le contenu du magazine leading frms. Sally P. Gunz Serengeti takes the paperwork, guesswork and a lot of hard work Serengeti gives you instant access to essential information like overages, ne peut pas être reproduit sans autorisation. Les opinions exprimées dans les articles ne sont out of your life by putting your entire billing, budgeting and reporting exposures, rates and outside counsel expenditures, while our support pas nécessairement partagées par l’éditeur. Le 40 CCCa News CCCa national Conference, 43 legal innovation When deciding whether to system online. No complicated software to buy or learn. No upkeep, no teams ensure you maximize the benefts to your bottom line. Used by contenu du magazine ne constitue pas un avis proposed new joint policy statement grant instructions to bring a motion, in-house juridique et vous ne devriez pas vous en servir on audit inquiries and the Business counsel must consider value, cost and IT involvement and no surprises. Just one smart, streamlined system to 18,000 in-house counsel and 21,000 law offces worldwide, Serengeti pour évaluer votre situation particulière. Nous leadership program for in-House Counsel. timeliness in the context of the big picture. help you organize, analyze and utilize data like never before. Serengeti provides invaluable insights into the world’s largest legal index. Just avons tout mis en œuvre afn de fournir des By Atrisha Lewis helps free up your time, and you can be up and running in no time. one more way Thomson Reuters gives you knowledge to act. renseignements exacts. Cependant, l’éditeur 44 leadership effective leaders work with their n’assume aucune responsabilité en cas d’erreurs ou d’omissions. teams to provide motivation and guidance. 46 inside edge You are accountable for your By Hugh Arnold own career success. learn how to ask for To learn more, call 1-888-736-9587 or visit what you want and prove you deserve it. By Bindu Cudjoe Canadian Corporate Counsel assoCiation | 3
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