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16 Reining in Budgets
Cost pressures are a top concern for legal departments. With economic cycles continually
CAnAdiAn CorporAte Counsel AssoCiAtion fuctuating, it may seem impossible to create a realistic and accurate budget. And how do
l’AssoCiAtion CAnAdienne des you prepare and cope when the axe falls, especially when your internal budget is already
Conseillers(Ères) JuridiQues d’entreprises
lean? Learn some tactics and strategies from top in-house counsel. By Jim Middlemiss
1210 – 20 Toronto Street
Toronto, ON M5C 2B8
Tel: 416-869-0522 24 new Players driving Value for legal departments
Email: We are all tasked with creating more effective, effcient legal departments. Non-law
CCCA ChAIr / PrÉSIDENT DE L’ACCJE frm service providers may be part of the solution. just as the delivery of healthcare
Nick Slonosky: involves more than physicians, legal services are increasingly being delivered by service
EXECUTIVE EDITOr / rÉDACTrICE EN ChEf professionals and paraprofessionals who leverage legal, technological and process and
Lynne Yryku: project management expertise. Is this model right for you? By Mark A. Cohen & Liam Brown
Brian Trotter: 30 smooth operators: coming to a legal department near You
DESIGN / CONCEPTION ArTISTIQUE Legal operations management is a growing trend in companies of all sizes, helping
hume Media Inc.
legal departments get the most out of their budgets, vendors and technology. Such
EDITOrIAL BOArD professionals are focused on strategy, cost effectiveness, communications and data
Olumide Adetunji management. What is the beneft for your organization and how can they help you
Marianne Bolhuis
Graeme Deuchars personally do your job better? By Julie Sobowale
Sébastien Guénette
Wendy King
Laurie Macfarlane Columns depArtments
Sarah McKinnon
Michael rothe 5 From the editor Effectively managing your 8 legal Performance Learn from master
Yasmin Visram department's fnances is critical to your writers how you can make budget time
ISSN No. 1913-0562 long-term success. Communication, more effective and exciting.
Publications Mail Agreement No. 42929530 proper planning and teamwork are key. By Jonathan Cullen
return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association 7 From the chair Our CCCA memberships 10 Practice Management As your company
1210 – 20 Toronto Street are a strategic resource. We should looks to expand internationally, what
Toronto, ON M5C 2B8 all take pride in being part of such a steps can you take to reduce the fnancial
dynamic group! impact and headache of cross-border
transactions? By Vivene Salmon
All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted 12 Profle: Patricia towler taking the position
without permission. The opinions expressed in articles of CEO of CPA Nova Scotia was the perfect 39 legal innovation Carillion’s gC and
are not necessarily those of the publisher. Information progression in Patti's quest for career McCarthy tétrault’s Chief Client Offcer
presented is not legal advice and should not be relied
upon as a substitute for review of your specifc situation success and personal fulfllment. discuss scoping, budgeting and how
with legal counsel. Every effort has been made to By Lynne Yryku in-house counsel and external can work
provide accurate information; however, the publisher together to effectively manage budgets
assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.
36 spotlight on… improving Your Personal and projects.
Tous droits réservés. Le contenu du magazine ne Bottom line If you feel like you never have
peut pas être reproduit sans autorisation. Les enough time, see how you can take back 43 HR impact While planning for hypotheticals
opinions exprimées dans les articles ne sont pas control. Focus on the most important may be a hard sell, it is important for long-
nécessairement partagées par l’éditeur. Le contenu
du magazine ne constitue pas un avis juridique et things frst and you will achieve your goals! term success. So how do you develop a
vous ne devriez pas vous en servir pour évaluer votre By Lynne Yryku strong business case to win an adequate
situation particulière. Nous avons tout mis en œuvre budget for contingencies? By Liz Bernier
afn de fournir des renseignements exacts. Cependant,
l’éditeur n’assume aucune responsabilité en cas 40 ccca news Introducing Nick Slonosky,
d’erreurs ou d’omissions. 2017-18 CCCA Chair 44 strategic Management Part 3 of this four-
part series on the internal controls of an
anti-bribery program looks at the design of
the system. By Isabelle Pierre
46 inside edge Delays during the
procurement process are frustrating and
costly. Learn some key steps to streamline
your operations and stay on budget.
By John L. MacLean

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